Selena bellydance


I have always been interested in, and attracted by, dance and motion. I studied my first choreography pieces at jazz ballet classes. I had to give that up due to an injury. Following a few years with no dance, my good luck (or destiny?) offered me this miracle that we call bellydance.

I started my studies at the Fatime Bellydance School with Mrs. Gabriella Pusztai Kiss in 2003. I have been given much more that I could ever hope for: love, friendship and a lot of fun.

As years passed by, I invested more and more time and energy to know more about bellydance and performing for audience-stage appearances, workshops, camps and courses added extra knowledge. I completed my thesis about the culture of bellydance at the cultural management specialisation of the Teacher Training College of Győr. I have received the perfect foundation from Fatime (in the first bellydance school of Győr, Hungary). I learned about music, rhythm, instruments and dancing to music from Hossam and Serena Ramzy, the world's most famous Arabic composer and tabla player and his wife. I studied folklore dances such as Saidi, Khaligy, Debke with Hadia, a world famous dancer in Canada, as well as Gaby Shiba, a Lebanese Debke master. It was a special experience to take part in Mahmoud Reda's (the "grandfather of bellydance") workshop-he is the one who adopted Egyptian folk dances to stage. In addition to the above, being a permanent dancer for the Syrian restaurant Lialina in Budapest for half a year has been a milestone in my career.

I wanted to share the sensations I receive from Arabic music with other bellydancers and spectators here in Győr. That is why I initiated a "bellydance party" with the live music of an Arabic band in 2008. We have arranged 2-3 parties a year at the Pirate Dance Club with full house in Győr since then.

That way, a knowledgeable audience may be "educated" that will see and appreciate artistic content, work, feelings and the Woman behind the inevitable erotic motions.

Feedback from the audience keep confirming me that it is worth striving for a professional and authentic interpretation. I have become certain, over the years, that I will devote all my time to dance-this is my way. The first confirmation was my dance teacher's confidence in me: she asked me to teach for a beginners' course that she had been invited to. Where ever life has taken me, bellydance has remained a fixed point. I therefore enrolled to the sports teacher training course of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of SOTE University (Budapest), which will provide the foundation for me to become a professional motion educator...

Selena (2011)