Selena bellydance

About Bellydance

Bellydance is a lyric, improvised, free dance style. It is a performing art with roots in North-African/Egyptian folk dances, which is constantly changing and evolving. Its motions are based on isolation (the isolated actions of body parts). Despite misconceptions, bellydance is not only about the motions of belly or hip-it is much more complex; perhaps it is the only one that moves the entire body, from tip to toe.

Why is bellydance so good?

  • Our age and shape do not matter
  • No partner is required to dance, you can improve and practice alone
  • Helps learn proper posture, hand positions and airy movement
  • Helps develop and preserve good condition without excessive load
  • Helps make spine more flexible
  • Will teach you how to explore and control your body, which will enable you to understand and live the power of womanliness hidden in ourselves